Want to build a website? Invest in a solid host!

WAPPS provides essential service by using dedicated servers that host website content. In other words, web hosting is home to all your files required for your website to function smoothly. These files may include, HTML, CSS files, your necessary e-documents, your media, and much more.

We at WAPPS sell server space for you to rent out. Our web hosts manage these servers and make it way easy for you to host your particular site so visitors from across the world can access the website.                                                                                  


You need web hosting if you wish to make your website go live on the internet. There are many reasons why as a website owner, you also need to have web hosting:

    • Your website is safe- You can never be too sure about the security of your site in terms of the security plugins and other security measures if you don’t host your own website.
    • You have the customizable option- While having free websites, you will have to share your website with other free hosts which may result in weakening your credibility and readership. Hence, you have customizable options.
    • You have control- You have full control over your website and you don’t have to sign any terms and conditions.